I was thinking the other day….almost all of the things that gun control advocates mention as making firearms “lethal” and “dangerous” are also the very same things that make them effective as a defensive firearm.

I mean, other than the full-auto misconception that “military-grade” means mass murder and wholesale slaughter, that is. If you don’t get that line, please read the last blog for it’s meaning. Flash hider? It doesn’t hide a flash, it’s a muzzle brake. The idea that a “flash hider” really hides a flash is downright hilarious. While it does reduce a muzzle flash, it doesn’t hide anything. It’s a muzzle break. It makes a firearm more accurate on follow on shots. Anything that makes a firearm more accurate inherently makes it more safe.

Pistol grips? I remember when they were banned. They all became “thumb hole stocks.” Making a firearm easier to hold is akin to saying if you put bucket seats in a Yugo, you make it a race car. Being more comfortable allows a driver in a car to concentrate more on the road. Being more comfortable shooting a rifle allows you to concentrate more on other things, like not shooting an innocent person.

30rd magazines are not high capacity. Larger capacity magazines allow a shooter to practice more on “follow through,” a fundamental of marksmanship. Do you know who doesn’t care about the fundamentals of marksmanship? Mass shooters. Spray and pray is the order of their day. Whoa….I am so not a rapper. I digress… You can switch out 10rd mag after 10rd mag and still kill a lot of people. Killers don’t obey laws.

These people, the gun grabb….no, I hate that mundane, overused term. The gun control nuts, they say they want to keep our rights to defend ourselves, but they are going after the very things that actually help keep us safe. So, yes, they really are coming after our rights and our guns.Let there be no mistake, they are after our guns. Not the big scarey ones. They won’t stop until they are all gone.

These people don’t care what makes a gun good for defense or for protecting. Not in the least bit.

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