What is in a name?

Brimstone Firearm Instruction gets its name from the smartest dog I’ve ever known, BRIMSTONE, who evaluated threats and respond without unnecessarily escalating the situation while, also, ensuring his pack (family) was protected and felt safe at all times. We teach FIREARMS as they are the most effective tool for self-defense but recognize that self-defense classes, martial arts, non-lethal and other training are also effective for security and self-defense. We chose the term INSTRUCTION as opposed to training because training is really instruction + practice. We provide the instruction for you to practice on your own time. No class in a single day, no matter the instructor or the student, will train someone. We give you the tools to practice to become trained.

Here at Brimstone Firearms, we are Christians who teach the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of defensive encounters, no matter what religion or philosophy you may choose to follow or not follow. We recognize that humankind, in general, is a spiritual being and that all people deserve the right of self-defense and the defense of their community.

We believe your life is worth more than the bare minimum standards as required by the State of Michigan. This is why we have “The Brimstone Promise”:
Each student will leave our class a better shot. In order to fulfill this promise, every student will receive:

  • One-on-One coaching.
  • Small class sizes for an easier learning environment
  • A fun and safe environment that is stress free
  • An experience for the individual, not a massed class of everyone learning the same thing
  • Everyone will leave our classes a better shot than when they came, whether you are a new shooter or a Special Operations veteran. We will find a way to improve yoru skillset.


He has over 30 years of military experience in the Army and National Guard including 13 years with Airborne and Long Range Surveillance (AKA: Recon) units including 3 combat tours in Iraq. Ken is a father, hunter, loves the outdoors, serves on his church’s security team and a competitor that has shot at State, Regional, and National Levels for the Michigan National Guard for both rifle and pistol.

Ken’s certifications:
MCRGO CPL Instructor
MCRGO EDCC (Every Day Concealed Carry) Instructor
MCRGO Master Instructor
NRA Home Firearm Safety Instructor
NRA Basic Pistol Instructor
NRA PPITH (CPL) Instructor
NRA PPOTH (advanced CPL) Instructor
NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
Military: Airborne, Infantry (w/Combat Infantry Badge), Long Range Surveillance Leader’s Course, Michigan National Guard State Marksmanship Team, Governor’s Twenty Tab Excellence in Competition (Bronze) – Rifle and Pistol

Keith is an Army Veteran of 9 yrs who was deployed to Bosnia as a Sniper-qualified Infantry Team Leader. Keith is well schooled in the art of marksmanship and is very good at keeping the range functioning in a safe and fun environment.

Keith’s certifications

Military: Infantry, Bradley crewman, Sniper

An Eagle Scout and certified MCRGO Instructor, Robby has helped volunteer and train with several Law Enforcement Agencies within Kent County. Robby has also worked as an Armed Private Security Specialist and is a member of his church’s security team. He provides a fresh, new perspective on training that the old dogs sometimes lack.

Robert’s certifications:
MCRGO CPL Instructor