Home Defense Rifle 2 is all about Close Quarter Marksmanship, using your carbine or rifle in a confined environment for home defense. This is an 8 hour class that is all range time, no class time.

HDR1 is required to take this class, regardless of the experience of the student. This is a complex class that is intense at times and requires movement, critical thinking and other advanced skills. I use HDR1 as a way to ensure the safety of my students, that they can handle their rifle for a class like this.
Additionally, HDR1 guarantees the rifles are zeroed (which is a requirement) and goes over “best practices” on zeroing and Basic Rifle Marksmanship to ensure the shooter knows the most effective ways to operate the rifle. Not all instructors do not teach these techniques.
To book this class, please visit our Class Schedule and pick out a class on a date that works for you. This class is currently only scheduled for July 16 (Sunday). If you have a group that wants to attend but cannot attend this day, please contact us at 616-901-1597 or Brimstonefirearms@gmail.com.

Students will need:

  • An AR-15 that has sights and optics (if equipped) that are zeroed properly
  • 400 rounds of ammunition. Factory ammunition only, no hand loads
  • A sling for your rifle
  • At least 2x 30rd magazines, but 4 is preferable.
  • Spare magazine pouch is optional
  • Eye protection (sunglasses or prescription eyewear is fine)
  • Ear protection (must work with a rifle – ear muffs are problematic with rifle use)
  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Sunscreen or sunblock