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The Instructor Workshop will guide Instructor Candidates through planning, setting up and teaching, and completing the MCRGO CPL Course from start to finish. We will cover the standards and ethics of MCRGO Instructors, various teaching methods, establishing the flow of the class, making sure the candidate knows, follows, and enforces all firearm safety rules at all times. Candidates will take turns instructing parts of the course under the guidance of the Master Instructor in both the classroom and range environment.
Candidates should already have the fundamentals of pistol marksmanship down very well. No previous experience in training or teaching is required (but certainly is useful!).
To book this class, please visit our Class Schedule and pick out a class on a date that works for you. 

If you wish to become an Instructor, the following steps must be completed:

  • Be an MCRGO Member
  • Have at least 1 year of experience with a CPL
  • Fill out an Instructor Application from the MCRGO website (www.MCRGO.org/training) and have it approved
  • Have successfully taken the MCRGO CPL course -OR- Already are an NRA, USCCA, or MCOLES trained Law Enforcement Officer, a Michigan State Bar approved Lawyer. If none of these, you may attend any of my CPL classes free of charge provided you have already reserved your seat in a workshop. Contact Kenneth Boyd at 616-901-1597 if you have any questions
  • Reserve your seat in the class with a minimum nonrefundable deposit of $200 or pay the full price of the workshop of $400