Our classes are located in Alto, MI and are scheduled for Saturdays, but we can travel to you or go by your schedule under certain conditions. Contact us for details.
This is the class you want, the one that you thought you would get with the beginner CPL class but didn’t get. You will learn how to properly and effectively draw from several positions, use cover and concealment, movement, engage multiple targets, more guidance on methods of carry and holster selection.
In order to attend a class, please go to our Class Schedule and select the date that fits your schedule.

Students will need:

  • The pistol you already carry or plan to carry. If you carry or plan to carry a sub-compact or micro-compact firearm, it is encouraged to also bring a full-size or compact pistol that you can use in the class as the smaller pistols are less accurate and harder to shoot. Please, no magnums, black powder or Single Action Only revolvers.
  • The holster you carry or plan to carry. This holster must meet the minimum safety requirements: 1, fully cover and secure the trigger guard and 2, allow the student to safely holster the pistol properly
  • A back up fully rigid (non-collapsible) OWB hip holster, in case your EDC (Everyday Carry) holster is not suitable for this class
  • A shirt (or jacket for winter) that can fully open and close in the front that will fully conceal your firearm. Example: a button down shirt or zippered sweater
  • 300rds of ammunition, no hand-loads allowed
  • 2 magazines of more than 5 rds each, minimum
  • A spare magazine pouch
  • Eye protection (sunglasses or prescription eyewear are acceptable)
  • Ear protection
  • Weather appropriate clothing as the range is outside

The price for this training is $100 with a non-refundable $50 deposit minimum required in order to reserve a seat. Discounts that can apply:
-25% discount on groups of 4 or more with coupon code: groupcpl25
-10% discount for military, veteran, law enforcement, clergy, 1st responders, medical practitioners, teachers and mental health counsellors with coupon code: jobcpl10