This class, also known as HDR1, is an 8 hour class that is at the beginner level. Instruction will be given on using the carbine, modern sporting rifle or AR-15 specifically for home defense.
The student will be taught proper function of the rifle, sights/optics, slings and accessories that are applicable to home defense, shooting positions, basic rifle marksmanship and will culminate with successfully zeroing your rifle and shooting at various distances.
Successfully completing HDR1 is a requirement to attend Home Defense Rifle 2.
HDR2 will consist of Close Quarter Marksmanship (CQM) and defensive use of the rifle. You will need your sights and optics (if equipped) to be zeroed properly.
To book this class, please visit our Class Schedule and pick out a class on a date that works for you. This class is currently scheduled for Satuday, July 15, 2023. If you have a group that wants this class and cannot make this date, contact us at 616-901-1597 or

Students will need:

  • A rifle. Preferably a carbine of any kind or Modern Sporting Rifle like an AR or AK platform
  • 400 rounds of ammunition
  • Eye protection (sunglasses or prescription eyewear is fine)
  • Ear protection. Beware, many ear muffs do not work well with rifles
  • Weather appropriate clothing for the range