Our classes are located in Alto, MI and are scheduled for Saturdays, but we can travel to you or go by your schedule under certain conditions. Contact us for details.
This class is what you need to complete in order to apply for your Michigan CPL. It is a one day course that usually takes 10 hours or more. This is because we do not cut any corners and have one-on-one coaching which takes longer but offers vastly superior instruction to the student over most CPL instructors. We do this in a safe environment and a fun atmosphere. You will learn about defensive encounters, effects of stress and recovery from a life-threatening situation, the legality of self-defense and where and when you can carry, basic concealed carry techniques, levels of awareness, basics of pistol marksmanship and defensive marksmanship.
You don’t even need a pistol to take the course as we have rentals available that come with all the ammunition you will need. Experience is not a requirement, but beginners may struggle so we encourage our “Intro to Pistol” course by way of a 30% discount if taken with the CPL class.
To book this class, please visit our Class Schedule and pick out a class on a date that works for you.

Students will need:

  • Pistol or revolver with a caliber larger than .22. Please no magnums larger than .357, Single Action Revolvers or black powder pistols. Rentals are available if you don’t have one for $20 at the time of class
  • 100rds of ammunition, factory loads only. No handloads allowed.
  • 2 magazines of at least 5rd capacity, or speed loader for revolver
  • Eye protection (sunglasses or prescription eyewear will work)
  • Ear protection
  • Weather appropriate clothing, as we shoot outside
  • A spare magazine pouch is a good idea, but certainly not required

Price is $100 with a non-refundable deposit of $50 to reserve a seat. Discounts that are available:
-25% discount for groups of 4 or more
-10% discount for military, veterans, law enforcement, clergy, teachers, tow truck drivers, medical workers and mental health counsellors
CONTACT the instructor for discount coupon codes.