We have training that fits all levels.

  1. Intro to Pistol: This is for people who never shot before, or are nervous around firearms or just simply out of practice. It’s a “first step” type of class.
  2. Concealed Pistol License (CPL) Class: This class is designed so that a beginner can take this, but some will struggle. If you are brand new to firearms, you may want to consider the Intro to Pistol class first. This class covers basic pistol operation, pistol marksmanship, defensive marksmanship, the basics of carrying concealed, how to avoid confrontations, the levels of awareness and the aftermath of a defensive encounter.
    This is the class that meets and exceeds the Michigan state requirements to apply for your CPL.
  3. Every Day Carry (EDC) Class: This is the class you thought you were going to take when you signed up for the CPL class but didn’t get. This is the one you want that will teach you what you NEED to have to responsibly carry every day. You will learn how to safety draw and properly holster from concealment, engage multiple threats, draw and shoot from many different positions, move and shoot, shoot from cover and more.