There is a situation in Virginia playing out that should concern all of America. I’m not sure what the factors were in the Virginia that allowed the State Legislature and the Governorship switch from Republican control to Democratic and I would hope that it was the will of the people. But things have changed, apparently and the people are quite upset.

Here is some background that I do know. If you are a Democrat and a politician that doesn’t agree with the national DNC platform, your chances of getting any support from the entire party are virtually nil. The election system in America is rigged for the parties only, and this is true at the State and National level, with most local levels following suit. Pro-life democrats used to be fairly common. Not any more. Pro-gun democrats? They won’t speak out anymore. Even fiscally moderate or pro-business Democrats are getting squeezed out in favor of Progressives.

The GOP has a different sort of dysfunction. The party leadership is gutless and spineless. They let alone in, RINOs abound. The GOP is still very pro-establishment, but they tolerant and even entertain many ideas within their party….and this can cause division among the party, too. The GOP is, truly, inclusive and the Democrats are not. I don’t want to sound pro-Republican, because I am not. Back to Virginia.

Virginia democrats were elected on an anti-Trump campaign, I believe. If anyone has any insight into the election, please include them in the comments section. I would love to hear them. But one thing is certain, their gun control bill that they have promised to introduce in the next legislative session is, bar far, much more all-encompassing that the Federal Assault Weapon Ban in the 1990’s. What’s more is that the mere possession of all semi-automatic firearms capable of a detachable magazine is outlawed, too. No grandfathering. Not just “assault rifles,” but shotguns and pistols, too. Even non-scary non-assault rifles are affected, too. The only way to fulfill or enforce these laws is gun confiscation, although the bill does not outright call for it. Grenade launchers are mentioned as outlawed for whatever illogical reason the Democrats felt that this needed to be mentioned. But muzzle brakes are outlawed, too. Muzzle brakes! No thumbhole stocks. Basically, any firearm that was designed in the last 100 years would be banned.

Regardless of how they got elected, once elected they set about a very ambitious gun control platform. That platform has the State in serious trouble. At my last count, 82 of the 95 counties have actually had referendums pass by popular vote declaring those counties as “2d Amendment Sanctuary Counties,” meaning they will not enforce any new gun control laws and they will actively resist anyone who tries.

This isn’t the County Sheriffs stating they won’t enforce. This is the people themselves. It isn’t just rural counties, either. About a third of the Cities have declared themselves 2d Amendment Sanctuary Cities. Townships have also voted in favor of being sanctuaries.

It’s quite apparent to me that the State legislature is not listening to the will of the People and don’t really care what the People think at all. Some democrats have already stated they want to call up the National Guard to force any gun control. The Governor could remove any Sheriff that refuses to enforce the law. But with so many Counties drawing a line in the sand, that is not possible. One country has even voted, unanimously, to raise a Militia in response to the State Government’s threats of enforcing the new laws at any cost.

Despite MASSIVE opposition, the Governor-elect is still supporting this bill! Thus, the battle lines have been drawn, make no mistake about it.

Why does this affect the whole nation? Because the DNC is geared toward authoritarian rule. So Democrats in Montana have no choice to listen to what the National Committee dictates or lose funding. Representative Slotkin, a Democrat here in Michigan who won her district by 1% and is a district that voted strongly for President Trump, voted for the Impeachment of the President this week. Why? Because she knows that she has no choice but to rely on the heavy financial backing of the DNC in order for her to get anything done in the House or have any hope at re-election. She was forced to choose between her constituents and her party. The vast majority of Democrats have known not to rock the boat.

Last Presidential election, we all watched as the DNC purposefully rigged their primaries so as to get their candidate in the Presidential election, even though she was hugely unpopular for the past 20 or 30 years among most Americans. Coupled with their “superdelegates,” only Party insiders can do anything in the authoritarian DNC.

Thus the battle lines have been drawn.  Get ready folks, because even if the Virginia Democrats back down, this battle is only getting started on a nation-wide stage.

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  • Jason F. Reply

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    You’re absolutely right. The people are tired of not being listened to. Rights are being stripped…wait, actually they are being chiseled away for quite some time now. There will always be a line drawn for everyone. Most lines differ from person to person. This great nation isn’t going to be what it was. It’s going to be a battle to say the least. Freedom of speed for some and not others. The Constitution being walked all over to fit an individuals wants. It’s time to say enough, as most have said. Now I’ve recently read that speaker of the house is trying to include themself into the Senate hearing. What happened to the separation of powers? I love this country, but I hate how much power (and self written power) has gone to far.

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