The other day, the Supreme Court allowed the families of victims of the Sandy Hook shooting to sue Remington Firearms, the manufacturer of the firearm used in the shooting. Then, immediately everyone started making judgement calls on how this is a huge defeat for America. Since when is allowing a battle to start automatically a defeat?

But, I digress, that isn’t the subject of today’s blog. No, lets discuss why the victims are wanting this lawsuit. The victims think that, just because Remington described their rifle as “the military likes it” that that makes the rifle marketed for killers only. The insinuation is that the military are simply a bunch of killers, not defenders. Like we, in the military, can’t think for ourselves, programmed killers. In other words, murderers. It seems that the left hasn’t moved that far away from calling us baby killers during Vietnam.

Sure, the liberals thank us for our service. They try and flatter us with kind words and call us heroes. Michael Moore contributes money to military charities, even. But if you look at this lawsuit for what it actually is, you will see that the disrespect is still there. Look beyond the kind words of false affirmation.  The lawsuit holds that because Remington sold the rifle to the military, it was marketed to murderers. Their actions are speaking louder than their duplicitous words.The only purpose of this lawsuit is because Remington took its rifles and sold them to civilians under the Bushmaster name and sold to the military under the Remington name. Never mind the foundational differences, however slight they may actually be, in the rifles where they serve different purposes. Using an AR-15 for hunting or self-defense or recreational shooting is not what the M4A1 is used for. The M4A1 is meant to lay down suppressive fire so units can maneuver around the enemy to flank them, causing them to leave the battlefield. Read that statement again. The purpose of the M4A1 is NOT to mow people down with full-auto fire. It’s to keep the enemy pinned down so you can maneuver around them to achieve victory. The object of war is not to kill the other army. The object of war is to take and hold real estate. Maneuver around the enemy will cause them to flee the battleground before they are enveloped and surrounded, cut off from escape. And when they flee, you win the battle.

The Sandy Hook families thought was that it was sold to the military, so it must be marketing to killers. Ergo, the military is just a bunch of killers. Never mind that the same things that make a rifle accurate, easy to use for a soldier also make it easy to use as a civilian. Because civilians and military are different to these people. Civilians NICE, Military BAD.

I’ve been to war a few times. Each time I have fed more people, clothed more refugees, protected the innocent than I have used violence against the enemy. Being a warrior, a soldier, means to be human. John 15:13 is where Jesus himself proclaimed that there is no greater love than to lay down your life for your friends…and the military does that. We live that.

For every fool who joins the military looking for a fight, once they get into combat they change their tune really quick. Once combat is experienced, the arrogance of the innocence is lost. No one wants to go back into the fight because its fun. We go back into the fight to protect our own. This Hollywood idea of combat veterans are combat junkies is complete BS. People deploy because they are doing something real with their lives, they feel that purpose. It’s not because they are addicted to a rush. If that were the case, they’d be back home bungie jumping and sky diving and having fun not risking their lives living in hell being afraid.

This lawsuit should be allowed to move forward. Why? Because sometimes you have to let the enemy advance far enough to fall into your trap. Sam Houston allowed the Mexican Army to advance into Texas, deep into the territory…and then he surrounded a numerically superior army and defeated them in 15 minutes. Santiago took his defeated army all the way back to Mexico, never to return. That’s how Texas was born.. Through victory. And that’s how we will defeat the so-called victims of Sandy Hook and their sham of a lawsuit. We will emerge with new precedence established in the courts which will provide limitations in the future of who can sue whom and for what. God knows the legislature would never limit lawsuits, so let the courts have their say in it.

But make no mistake, these people do not respect the military. They look down on us just as they did in Vietnam. Some things never change. The only reason these people think that Remington was responsible for murders with their rifle is because they marketed it to the military.

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