Beginner CPL

Description: This class is a one day course that usually takes 10 hours. We exceed the State Minimum requirements but do so at a price below the larger competitors. We offer small class sizes, one-on-one coaching, and the Brimstone Promise that every student will leave a better shot and a better citizen than when they came. We do this in a safe environment and a fun atmosphere. You will learn about defensive encounters, effects of stress and recovery from a life-threatening situation, the legality of self-defense and where and when you can carry, basic concealed carry techniques, and all about awareness. You will learn the basics of defensive marksmanship.
You don’t even need a pistol to take the course, as we have rentals available that come with all the ammunition you will need. Experience is not a requirement, but beginners will struggle so we encourage our “Intro to Pistol” course by way of a 30% discount if taken with the CPL class.
Lunch is provided by Michigan Farmhouse Pizza in Clarksville.
Students will need:
-Pistol or revolver with a caliber larger than .22. Please no magnums larger than .357, Single Action Revolvers or black powder pistols. Rentals are available if you don’t have one for $20 at the time of class
-100rds of ammunition, factory loads only. No handloads allowed.
-2 magazines of at least 5rd capacity, or speed loader for revolver
-Eye protection
-Ear protection
-Weather appropriate clothing, as we shoot outside
-a spare magazine pouch is a good idea, but not required.
Price is $100 or Nonrefundable deposit of $50 to reserve a seat (both have to be offered)
Discounts are available, contact the instructor for details.

Advanced CPL

Description: This is the class you want, the one that you thought you would get with the beginner CPL class. You will learn how to draw from concealment from several positions, use cover and concealment, movement, engage multiple targets, and more. This is a much more intense 14-hour block of instruction that we teach in one, long day. You will master the draw from concealment in this class.
Holsters will be covered in much more detail, as will carry tactics.
Students will need:
-the pistol you already carry or plan to carry. If you carry or plan to carry a sub-compact or micro-compact firearm, you might want to bring a compact or larger handgun. Please, no magnums, black powder or Single Action Only revolvers.
-the holster you carry or plan to carry. This is dependent on if it’s actually a safe holster to use (there are quite a few that are not).
-a back up full kydex OWB hip holster, in case your EDC (Everyday Carry) holster is not suitable for this class
-300rds of ammunition, no hand-loads allowed
-2 magazines of more than 5 rds
-a spare magazine pouch
-Eye protection
-Ear protection
-weather appropriate clothing as the range is outside
The price is $200 or a Nonrefundable deposit of $50 to reserve a seat (both have to be offered)
Discounts are available, contact the instructor for details.

Intro to Pistol

Description: This class will cover how a pistol works, safe handling of pistols, firearm safety rules, how to load, store, and clean your pistol, and the fundamentals of marksmanship. This class is kid-friendly as long as they are mature enough to handle firearms under a controlled environment with the parent present. This is a 4 hour block of instruction and is available by request, but Wednesdays before the CPL class work best for the Instructors.
Students will need:
-Ear Protection
-Eye protection
-a pistol if you have one and 50rds
-$20 rental fee that includes ammunition due at the time of class
Price is $75, $50 if taken with the CPL class (both options need to be offered)

MCRGO Instructor Workshop

This Instructor Workshop will guide Instructor Candidates through planning, setting up and teaching, and completing the MCRGO CPL Course from start to finish. We will cover the standards and ethics of MCRGO Instructors, various teaching methods, establishing the flow of the class, making sure the candidate knows, follows, and enforces all firearm safety rules at all times. Candidates will take turns instructing parts of the course under the guidance of the Master Instructor in both the classroom and range environment.
These are the benefits of becoming an Instructor with the MCRGO:
-The cost to put a student through is lower than the competition
-You download all class material from the website, you will never have to wait on the mail to deliver book and curriculum that could also be out of stock
-You won’t have to hire a lawyer or LEO to teach the legal portion! Instead, you will have access to a video presentation put out by the best firearms lawyers in Michigan.
-MCRGO supports its Instructors! You will be able to draw on the experience and resources of MCRGO Instructors statewide via our Facebook group.

If you wish to become an Instructor, the following steps must be completed:
-Be an MCRGO Member
-Have at least 1 year of experience with a CPL
-Fill out an Instructor Application from the MCRGO website
-Be a graduate of the MCRGO CPL course. Even if you are an NRA, USCCA, or MCOLES Instructor, you will need to be familiar with the MCRGO class. If you are not a graduate of the MCRGO CPL course, we offer the CPL course the day before the Instructor Workshop is held so it can be taken in conjunction with your Workshop and it is offered to NRA, USCCA, and MCOLES Instructors a 50% discount on the course.
-Reserve your seat in the class with a minimum nonrefundable deposit of $150.

Family Home Defense Class

Description: A great way to make sure the adults are safe and that kids are introduced to firearms in just one evening of 3 hours. This class includes kid-friendly instruction, plus basic firearm rules, safe handling of firearms for kids and adults. We here at Brimstone feel that we can’t just introduce kids to firearms without making sure the adults are on the same page. This class does not include range time or any shooting.
*This class is not on the schedule as it is done by appointment only.
Price: $100 per family.

Private lessons

Private lessons are available at $50/hr, where I can provide training on:
Basic rifle marksmanship, advanced pistol and rifle marksmanship, basic carbine, handicaps/disabilities, gun cleaning and care

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