Stippling Service

Stippling Service



What we can do:

“Stippling is where I enhance the texture to the grip of the firearm making it easier to achieve and maintain a proper grip far beyond what any factory grip surface can attain. I can do custom designs and patterns to show pride, make a statement, or improve grip to the exact shooter’s needs.
I can also alter the shape of Polymer frames for better comfort, fit, and function of the firearm to improve performance.”

Standard Stippling: Stipple only where the factory has added texture to the grip.

Full Stipple: Fully surrounds the grip where ever the firing hand touches the pistol which maximizes the handling of the firearm. Comes with a border can be customized.

Frame Stipple: allows the shooter to “feel” where the proper position of where the thumbs are supposed to be with a proper grip, allowing them to help with recoil management. It also gives the shooter a place to “feel” when his trigger finger is properly on the frame, safely, when not shooting. $5.

Custom Images: Add a Unit Crest, a symbol of pride, or just make a statement.
$20 per image.

Shaping: Undercut, Double Undercut, Magazine Release Groove, Frame Alterations. Each one is $5.


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