Where Do We Go From Here?

What a year 2020 has been. If you thought that the Presidential election results were going to be easy, what were you smoking? This is 2020. Even going to the store isn’t easy.

Let’s deal with the possibility that Former VP Biden was duly elected (I’m not saying he wasn’t…..now). What does that mean? It means that any meaningful legislation he wants passed has to go through Senate Republicans. While they are inept, they also are generally very pro-gun.

Senator Harris will have vacated her seat in the Senate, too. What does that mean? Governor Gavin Newsome has to appoint a new Senator to serve out the term. Given that the Democrats were banking hard on winning control of the Senate and gaining more seats in the House, neither happened. They worked so hard for only 1 seat gained in the Senate and they lost seats in the House. They woke up to realize that the party will have to abandon some of their more radical ideas if they don’t want to lose even more come the next election.

BUT THE PUNDITS SAID THAT WE SHOULD BE VERY SCARED!!!!!! Pundits get paid to scare you. It’s their job. They don’t get paid to tell you the truth. Haven’t you learned that by now? Biden and Harris in the White House means that we have to endure more broken promises they made during the election. Remember when President Obama vowed that the first thing he would do the very first hour in the office was that he would close Camp X-ray in Cuba? He didn’t do that in 8 years.

The fact is that, if Biden truly won the election, he did so because he wasn’t Trump. He is smart enough to know that. He is a moderate. Now, if he is coherent enough to remember that, we should be OK, for the most part. And, as scarey as Harris is, guess what? She was put in her VP place by people behind the scenes and those people want the status-quo to stay the same. That sounds very conspiratorial, but I assure you I am not conspiratorial. Remember, all the Never-Trumper Republicans out there? They also want the status quo. The rich people who back democrats want the status quo. No one is going to rock the boat hard enough to make waves.

Instead of looking through the kaleidoscope of fear about Washington, let’s look to the States. At the State Level, pro-gun Republicans gained seats in almost every state. Republicans now hold total control in 9 States. That is substantial.

Fear is irrational, remember that. Remember your training in your CPL class of making a plan based on observations, set action limits in a stressful or uncertain situation. Do that now, just be careful to not substitute observations with what your chosen media figure told you to believe or place your assumptions where observations should be. That means you have to keep your wits about you and analyze the reality of the situation. Develop a plan, set action limits. There is no need to start a Boogaloo. No need to arm yourself to go to a protest. Election protests should be about the election, not about showing your guns and acting all-militia like. Doing so is fanning the flames and taking away from your protest’s real reason.

If I say you need to have faith in America and you use that faith by putting it in distrust of your enemy, then maybe you are thinking too much about your enemy and not who you are or what you support. What I mean by that is, if you love America, you should support America. The emphasis should be supporting it, not solely trying to eliminate what could be it’s enemy. Why? Because when you take your eyes off of what you are supposed to be supporting, you tend to lose your way. That’s not cool.

Ultimately, if we do lose the Senate and the Presidency, guess what? The last time that happened was during President Obama’s first two years. What happened during that time? Well, bump stocks and pistol braces were legalized and the GOP gained both houses of Congress in the next election. That’s what happened.

Please forgive the mistakes in punctuation and grammar. I felt the need to get this timely message out quickly, so I bypassed my spellchecker (who is also my RSO, he always has my back!).

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