The Booglaoo Be Bop, pt 2

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly people will allow themselves to be duped by false news. Both the Left and Right political extremes claim the news is biased against them, therefore they both go in their different directions believing their way of thinking is correct. So, they turn to websites and news agencies that cater to them and their echo chambers.
The problem is that these sites outright lie to their customers. Far more than mainstream media does by a long shot. But these people believe it with all of their hearts. Why? Because they are being told their feelings are good and validated and they get gratification from being told they are correct in their wrongness.
Truth does not matter to them, only their feelings do, especially when that feeling is fear. Fear is irrational and leads to irrational thinking and behavior. Irrational thought is what you need to stay on either of the political extremes. To win accolades and praise above others on your team your actions must also be irrational. And when that happens, their logic becomes “not logical” to the rest of us, even though it seems perfectly fine
to them.
For instance, let us take a look at what is happening in Virginia. Virginia is a traditionally Republican controlled State, but has strong leanings to Democrat. In other words, it’s almost a “battleground” state, a swing state.
Last year was a midterm election, meaning it’s during the middle of a President’s term and, almost always, the party who holds the Presidency loses in that election during the President’s first term, both at the state and
federal level. So it was no surprise that the Republicans lost the US House of Representatives and barely clung to a Majority in the US Senate.
But Virginia the Democrats who already had the Governor’s office, for the first time in a very long time won control of both their House and Senate.
Given the harsh treatment that anyone gets who associates themselves with President Trump, the media glorified that victory. This was irrational because there were plenty of people in the media who knew this was a possibility. If we couple that with how much the media hates the President and how it legitimately does skew things away from Conservatives towards the Liberals, it becomes very clear why Virginia swung to the left.
The Virginia Democrats probably didn’t see it that way. They may have thought that their day in the sun, their era of power, was finally upon them and that the people had finally awakened. Also, they are very close in proximity with Washington, DC. The DNC (Democrat National Committee) rules the party very powerfully, as of late. They select who they want to win in the primaries down to the local level. If you do not support the Party
Platform in its entirety, the chances of you getting the proper support in your campaign are almost nil. Zero. Zip. Zilch.
Pro-gun, pro-life liberals used to be almost common, even recently within the past decade. Not any more, though. The DNC has executed a very quiet purge in the last decade. They have swung hard to the left, embracing open Socialism when, for a century or more, they disavowed it. They are openly calling for gun bans and even a few are boldly calling for gun confiscations. Gone are the days of “reasonable, common sense,” and “we are pro-gun, too, but…”
Irrational thoughts by all, but irrational behavior by Beto O-Rourke cost him
popularity among the people, but still earned him praise from the extreme of the party.
The Democrats in Richmond took to announcing their bold plans before they even took office. They wouldn’t take over in the State House or State Senate until Jan, 2020. The soonest they can introduce bills in that legislative session is January 20th. But in November they can “pre-file” bills that they deem a priority and need the most attention.
One such bill was a “Gun Control Bill” that was in fact a heavily-laden gun ban. Personally any gun ban is irrational and in my opinion and this ban went too far. Nothing could be owned that had a removable magazine of 7rds. This applied to pistols, rifles, and shotguns. No assault-style firearms, including no thumbhole stocks or muzzle brakes of any kind. In addition they were not going to sneak this in under Virginians’ noses under some other bills. No, they betrayed the Constitution and announced to the world that they pre-filed this bill so it could get passed as quickly as possible. The Governor didn’t just say he’d sign it, he paraded it around like a lunatic.
Why the Virginia democrats chose this path is just my opinion but it’s a fact that this was irrational thought and behavior.
Why? Because what that allowed to happen was big. President Trump might say it was “Yuge.
YUGE. YUGE!” From the looks of it, it was a slam-dunk passage of this bill and the Democrats made it look just like that. However, there were many more moderate Democrats in that body politic that were hanging their heads in shame, worried about their career because their career won’t survive this bill if they so much as say a word in support of it.
Over 90% of the counties in Virginia started declaring themselves “Sanctuary Counties,” meaning they would not enforce this law. Not revolt, fight, or rebel in some way, just simply not enforce that law. Even around
half of the cities and towns were passing resolutions to be “Sanctuary Communities.” This wasn’t just Sheriffs saying they won’t enforce, it was County and City Commissions holding votes and the population sometimes
even voted unanimously. A reckless Democrat Legislator was responsible enough to issue an early warning that the Governor could call out the National Guard against those Sheriffs. Wow, that was irrational by any standard.That’s when the Right’s extreme go right past irrational and do so at ballistic speeds. Alex Jones
and the brood of tinfoil hat guys started screaming all over the internet. The words of an irresponsible legislator talking about removing Sheriffs became “the Governor threatened to call out the National Guard to confiscate all the guns that would be banned (which is almost all of them).” Almost overnight, it even went past that.
A YouTuber by the name of The Lion’s Republic claimed to have “reportedly” heard that Governor Northam was going to cut all the utilities, including phone and internet, to all gun owners. Why did he say this? Because he wanted people to buy his survival food packages and people everywhere spread this rumor around like wildfire.
Irrational thought became irrational behavior on both sides and only the nutjobs that were pro-gun were calling for public arrests, hangings, calls of treason, and death threats were abundant. People around the nation thought that the bill was already passed and the Governor was getting ready to call in United Nations troops. Stop laughing, seriously, stop it! I had to do serious research to learn this and it’s true! To go door-to-door to confiscate guns and, also, that the Governor appropriated funds to house additional prisoners in preparation of the gun confiscation. One of the huge problems with this strategy is that while this was going on, the Virginia Legislature was in recess. The Governor couldn’t move additional funds to prisons from elsewhere without consulting Congress. He could only take prison money and move it to prisons. So where did the money come from? It didn’t come from anywhere, besides, it was only $250,000. That money would probably only allocate about 10-20 additional prisoners.
Right now it has gotten bad enough that otherwise rational people are thinking we are on the brink of Civil War. It’s January 3
rd as I write this. Remember, the bill doesn’t even get introduced until January 20
th at the earliest. Then, it sits until the Committee chair schedules it and then that
committee debates and discusses it, changing it as needed. This is still in the infant stages. Just this week, the Democrats proposed a compromise of “grandfathering” all currently owned guns. Great, now confiscation is off the
We are sitting, as bystanders, in this. This is up to Virginians to decide and work out, not us in any other State. Even if making a law that violates the Constitution was, in fact, treason, hundreds of laws have been declared
unconstitutional and not a single legislator was ever accused, formally, of treason for doing so. The bill hasn’t even been introduced let alone voted on or passed. So there is no treason twice over and yet people everywhere
are mashing the panic button and calling for jail time of everyone associated with not just this bill, but with the Democratic Party.
This is purely irrational thought and when it manifests itself into irrational behavior they blew up the Federal Building in Oklahoma City. It didn’t start a Civil War back then which is exactly what they hoped it would do. Rational people and thought caused a backlash against them.
Folks, we are nowhere near a civil war, not even close. The democrats aren’t even close to banning guns in Virginia. If they still have the political will to even bring it out of Committee and vote in the State House, only 5
Democrats need to not vote and the vote fails. That’s it. That is how close we are to winning and a whole lot of people on the winning side are betting we will lose. All because they listen to those who want them to be afraid.
Fear is irrational and that leads to bad decisions.
The whole purpose of CPL training is to allow citizens to rise above fear and make informed decisions. Sometimes they are life-and-death decisions made in a split second. Others, they may change the course of history for a nation. Will you listen to fear, or will you listen to knowledge when it comes to Gun Rights?

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