The Brimstone Difference

I am a hunter, competitive shooter, and a Soldier that has experienced combat as an Infantryman. I have trained with and have been trained by various Special Operations units over my 30 year career in the Army and National Guard. I have three combat tours with Infantry units. That makes for an impressive resume for a Firearms Instructor, but it doesn’t distinctly set me apart from my peers for CPL training.

The armed citizen’s skillset is inherently different than that of a Soldier, Security Guard, or Police in that you employ your firearms from a purely defensive standpoint. You should not run to the sound of gunfire nor should you seek to insert yourselves into any conflict you are not directly involved in. You are not a “sheepdog.”

While Police, Security Experts, and Soldiers each have their experience they can bring to the CPL classroom. I set myself apart as a member of “recon” units where we were trained in using our firearms for defensive purposes only. We didn’t run toward the sound of gunfire, but tactically withdrew from a situation before engaging with firearms as an absolute last resort just as a citizen who possesses a CPL should do.

My Promise to Every Student

Each student will leave this class a better shot, a civil rights supporter and a more responsible citizen.

In order to fulfill this promise, every student will receive:

  • One-on-One coaching
  • Small class sizes for an easier learning environment
  • A personalized, custom plan to build upon the skills learned in class
  • One year free membership with the MCRGO
  • A friend who will help you obtain the right firearms, holsters, accessories and training for you, and help navigate the world of firearms and self-defense
  • 50% discount on advanced training through Brimstone Firearm Instruction
  • Access to Swisslane’s firing range

Note: the “recon” units I was in were known as LRS (Long Range Surveillance) units. In Vietnam, they were called LRRPs or Ranger Companies. We were the Army’s version of Marine Force Recon. Our skills and capabilities were similar to Army Special Forces and Navy SEALs when it came to reconnaissance missions.

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