Brimstone Firearms Philosophy

What’s in a name? My training philosophy!

I chose the name “Brimstone Firearm Instruction” not because of the biblical judgment associated with hellfire and brimstone. I do not promote any sort of vigilantism. On the contrary, I tend to focus on conflict avoidance and de-escalation in my training. Nor did I name my business after my favorite dog and best friend for 15 years: Brimstone. I chose it because of how my dog responded to a threat. It was the only time he needed to respond to a threat.
I had been dating my future wife for 3 months and we were at a trailhead, getting ready to go for a mountain bike ride. A mini-van pulls in the lot and is rocking back and forth, with very loud barking sounds coming out. I decide to put Brimstone in the truck because those dogs and Brimstone were very excited. A young couple got out of the mini-van and they brought their two very large dogs out with them. By very large, I mean the smaller of the two was a full-sized Great Dane, which is the tallest dog breed in the world. I could see they were getting ready to go on a hike with their dogs and we were getting ready to go for a ride with our dog. I figured a controlled meet n greet was better than a surprise meeting on the trail between the dogs.
Brimstone got out, we met the couple and the dog giants. Everything was fine, although Brimstone being classified as a “large” dog breed at 65lbs, he was not used to being so outsized by these 120lb + behemoths. The lady warned us that the larger of the two likes to jump up and say, but was very gentle and friendly. Sure enough, that’s what the large dog did when he met my future wife. The dog was truly gentle, as advertised, but it still startled my wife.
Seeing his Master’s wife getting scared, Brimstone jumped between her and the massive canine and knocked it to the ground despite it being easily over twice his weight. He then backed the giant up, barking at him. Brimstone did not bare his teeth, did not growl, bite, his hair didn’t even stand up. He knew the dog was not a direct threat, but he also knew that my wife was scared.
He reacted in a way as to remove the threat and, at the same time, did not escalate the situation any further. That is my training philosophy when it comes to security training and the use of firearms: deal with the threat effectively without needlessly escalating the situation beyond control.
That is why I chose to name my business “Brimstone Firearm Instruction.”

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Our Services

Brimstone Firearms Instruction provides the Grand Rapids are with all the essential CPL and CCW courses tough by NRA certified instructors. It doesn’t matter if your a beginner or a pro we have a course to suit your needs and experience level.

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Client Testimonial

Don’t take our word for it, take a look at what others say about us.

Kenneth is very knowledgeable! He takes his time with each individual and provides them with the knowledge and safety practices that are essential to all gun owners.

Brian Farney


Very knowledgeable! There’s no way you will not improve your accuracy with lessons from this guy. Knows his trade very well and will tell you exactly what u need to do to improve. I was impressed to say the least!!

Jeremy Hooker


Ken's class was top notch! I will tell everyone who wants to take a cpl class to go through him. Good range time I will be taking his advanced class to

Ken Bailey


Fantastic class! got to learn about home defense, different shooting positions, and stances, and had some good conversations about fishing and firearms with some pretty cool people. I highly recommend Brimstone Firearm Instruction to anybody looking to get a CPL or learn how to safely use a firearm if you're just looking to have fun on the range.

Henry Ambrewster


We attended our CPL class 4-14-2018. It was a very informative class. We went over strategies for safety in the home and more. We had a good amount of time on the range. Ken took time with each of us. We enjoyed the day and had great instruction. I highly recommend this class.

BillnAlexis Stander


I absolutely enjoyed this class, the instructor was very helpful and informational and I gained a lot of knowledge from this course and all the wonderful side stories during the class as well. I have already recommended this class to family and will continue to recommend this course to others, I am looking forward to the second course offered by Mr. Boyd. Thank you for this wonderful class and experience I got to partake in.

Phoebe Sorrentino


I took Ken' s advanced CPL class. It was great. I learned a lot. On top of the class portion being very detailed and complete, he also made it fun. When it came time to the range portion, he took time with each individual to be sure we were using proper technique and building skills correctly. I wish Brimstone would have been around when I took my basic CPL class.

Jesse Snider


I attended the advanced CPL course on 3/3/18. It was everything i thought the basic CPL course would cover...but didn't. We started off in the classroom reviewing the legal stuff that you get in the basic course. The similarities ended there.We did over 2 hours of exercises refining our draw before we put the first rounds down range. The time on the range was efficient. Smaller class size for the advanced course meant we were reloading and returning to the firing line without having to wait on multiple people ahead of you. I felt like i had just spent the day at the gym and was a little sore the next day.I would recommend this course to anyone that carries because if your only firearms training was the basic course then you know you need more.What a great day!

Eric Crawford


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