When Experts Are Wrong And Hyperbolic In Their Wrongness

When Experts Are Wrong And Hyperbolic In Their Wrongness

NewBlogPost - When Experts Are Wrong And Hyperbolic In Their Wrongness

I saw a video on Facebook with a well-known firearms instructor telling everyone that “trigger jerk” is a myth, it’s false. I looked on Youtube to find it, instead I found another video by another firearms instruction group, Valor Ridge, stating the same thing, it’s a myth. They even demonstrate why they firmly believe it’s wrong. Unfortunately for them, the video shows EXACTLY why they are wrong. Allow me to explain.

They both explain that trigger jerk shouldn’t break your sight alignment if your grip is good. They say this because they think Trigger Jerk is simply pulling the trigger perfectly straight back very harshly. They show this by having a shooter get a good grip and aim his pistol. Another person comes in with a screwdriver into the trigger well and jerks the trigger back. The gun goes off and the bullet is quite accurate. Looks pretty convincing. However…..it’s wrong.

It’s wrong because when you jerk the trigger back, you are jerking your finger and that is attached to your hand. It is a somewhat violent motion that does not involve precision. Therefore, trigger jerk CAN affect your grip. And when the pull of the trigger overcomes the strength of your grip, you will miss your target. Therefore, it absolutely is NOT A MYTH. Do I trust these experts? Yes. Not everyone is perfect. You can jerk the trigger, and as long as the grip is not affected, you will hit your target. But you have to have mastered the art of the trigger pull to pull that off….and that is Jedi Master level marksmanship. I find it much easier to teach someone proper trigger pull to reach that level.

To get to that level, please remember the proverb: Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Don’t rush it. Work the trigger smoothly and the grip will be maintained. Practice a lot and even more than that and after a time, you will get to the point that you can shoot very fast and hit the target every time.

Use this as a lesson to not just accept what an Instructor is saying. Absorb it, analyze it, judge and discern it. Why is he saying it? Does it make sense? Is it comparable or does it match up to what I know is true? If not, why?

Sometimes good instructors will try for an over-the-top title to  a lesson to grab a students attention. I try that with my blog titles, but it doesn’t work because no one reads it. But they do do it and it’s meant to make a splash. Sometimes when they do make that splash, they teach a decent lesson, sometimes they don’t. It’s the responsibility of the student to judge what they are being taught is correct. Ask questions if need, consult another instructor, maybe. Or….be aware of the instruction as you should be aware of the environment when carrying a pistol for protection!

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