When Defending America isn’t Defending America

When Defending America isn’t Defending America

Last week I shared an interesting article on my facebook page. It was about two guys getting into a fight at a gas station. The aggressor punched the other guy, knocking him to the ground. The victim then pulled a firearm and shot at his attacker. The attacker then pulled his own gun and fired back, killing the victim. The result was that the guy who lived was not charged with any crime except Assault and Battery. Why? He was the attacker, he started it! Well, he did attack, but he never put the mans life in danger at all. Thus, the guy who first pulled the gun became the aggressor, a criminal. The lesson here is that if you go to far in defending yourself, you lose.

Now I bring this up because of a facebook conversation I had with some “patriots.” One was arguing that we should shoot people for illegally crossing into America. The problem here is that America is not merely a territory. It is the that rights are inherent to ALL HUMANKIND, endowed by our Creator. That means every illegal immigrant has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. What this so-called “patriot” was advocating was a destruction of the Constitution, the very document enshrined to protect those rights that we are supposed to believe as inalienable, forever bound to us.

In his zeal, he left all that is America. In his effort to “protect” America from the scourge that is illegal immigration, he became a traitor. The American Government, if given the go ahead to kill illegal immigrants on site will soon be looking for a reason to kill an American for breaking a law. For this man, the inalienable right to life wasn’t inalienable. And he was perfectly fine with surrendering that right to the Government.

He used the analogy that if someone were to trespass, he could shoot them on site. Newsflash, you can’t. That would be murder. If someone were to break into your house when you are in it, according to Castle Doctrine, you can use lethal force. But that’s breaking and entering. Not trespassing.  Not only could you be arrested and thrown in jail, but in light of the news article of the two guys at the gas station having a fight, you could easily get yourself killed and the trespasser would be well within his right to defend his life from you attacking them with lethal force. Simple trespassing is not enough to use lethal force.

Frederic Bastiat, in his essay on the Constitution called The Law, pointed out that the Constitution basically gave the government powers that the States and the Individuals have and if the individuals didn’t have the power, then the state or the Federal Government couldn’t have them, either. We set the rules in our house, the government sets the rules outside the house. We can defend our property, the country and can defend our land. But, if we go too far in that defense, we are held accountable…and so should the government.

Be wary of the false patriots, who, at the first opportunity, are willing to use government to exert their will on the nation. They are just as tyrannical as a socialist is.

Mind you, an illegal immigrant crossing into the border alone doesn’t create a threat in itself. However, a caravan of thousands does create a lot of trouble and a lot of threats. However, that is a discussion for another time. And, I’m for a border wall, just so anyone here thinks otherwise. I actually served with guys in the military who conducted recon missions on the southern border, and I support those type of missions for the military. But that meant we watched and surveilled, and when we saw something, we called the Border Patrol and they intercepted. My guys intercepted a several tons of marijuana and illegal immigrants. They did not violate Posse Comitatus law, as we did not enforce any laws.

I believe in the Constitution, that all men are created equal. Everyone has a right to life, not just American citizens. I support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. You cannot defend America by throwing away the Constitution.

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