The Culture Wars, pt 1 “The Myth of the Gun Culture”

The Culture Wars, pt 1 “The Myth of the Gun Culture”

NewBlogPost - The Culture Wars, pt 1 "The Myth of the Gun Culture"

There is so much to say about “Culture Wars” that it’s bound to have to be broken into various parts. At least this part deals with the subject of Firearms.

Part 1.

There is no so-called “Gun Culture.” There, I said it. Now, watch me back it up. The name comes from an attempt to lump all the gun owners into a group, one that is different than most Americans….because we have our own “culture.” But we don’t. Gun owners are more of a series of desparate groups. You have hunters, who hunt for sport, food, tradition, and escape. You have competitors who do it as a hobby/sport. You have the security experts who are the Sheepdogs: military, Law Enforcement, First Responders, Fireman, Security Guards, and all of these are a culture of their own. And you have gun hobbyists that are in it for history, or just a plain hobby, like stamp collecting. Hunting is a separate “culture” or lifestyle than a hobbyist. Hunting can be a temporary lifestyle or a hobby.

Now compare these groups with a true “culture.” Take the Homosexual Culture. They have been shunned by mainstream people into communities who have developed out of being pushed out, discriminated against by the human race. They now have equal rights, sure…but they still have Gay travel services that organizes gay cruises and tours, gay churches, support groups, etc. What does the “gun culture” have? Gun shows. That’s about it. And there, you have survivalists, hunters, hobbyists, and tacticool guys who go there, buy something and leave. That’s not real cultural of them. I’m not making a moral judgement of gay people or the LGBT community. Or the LGBTI or LGBTIE….wait, are they onto LGBTIEX now? I can’t keep up. No, I don’t blame them. They had not much choice but to band together, having been judged as reprobate by a Church that lost it’s heart for the lost and catered to the minds of the weak.

Hunters don’t care about 3-gun championships. Police Officers usually only use a firearm as a tool of their job. Military, too. Gun collecting hobbyists usually collect guns as a part of historical periods. This means that a guy who collects guns of the Old West has a few Saddles around the house, too. And the dude who has every model of Mauser has a lot of German Militaria, too. Hunters revolve around hunting. Police revolve around police. Historical collectors revolve around a historical period. A culture has to revolve around something, and the so-called “gun culture” does not.

Not all hunters or officers or competitors want Constitutional Carry and almost all but the wacko extremist don’t want the right to own a machine gun just like all other guns. Some support more gun laws (posers) while some don’t support any gun laws. Mostly, we all agree that the laws on the books need to be enforced now. But there is no concerted effort to unify all gun people with one political goal. We really all just want to be left alone, really. Any unification comes from people who want to make our lives harder. And that doesn’t make allies into a homogeneous group of people any more than it made Americans a Communist country for allying with Russia in WWII.

It’s merely a trick to ostracize all gun owners into one group that is separate from mainstream America. So don’t let them. Don’t listen to them and don’t follow their lead. These yahoos want to paint us as outlyers, outcasts, people who are marginalized. Obviously, we are not. But in 20, 30, 40 years? That’s their game. It’s a slow, slow process. In the 1980’s, they started off with “military-style,” or “assault style.” Now, in 2017, 30 years later, Merriam Webster has added “Assault Rifle” as lexicon for what the anti-gunners wanted it to be.

The problem is the anti-gunners are winning. Why? Well, in this fight, we are letting them. I’m not a gun nut. I’m a security-minded American who loves freedom. You want safety? Buy a dog, not a gun. Or get into Martial Arts (MMA is a BLAST!!!). You want freedom? Stop telling other people what to do or work toward economic freedom. Neither concept revolves around owning a gun, necessarily. So, no. I’m not a gun nut. I like to shoot because of the peace of mind I achieve through the meditation that marksmanship requires. Some people use Yoga, or running.

Please stop helping the Anti-gunners win this battle. Call a spade a spade. A firearm is just a tool. It doesn’t make a lifestyle.

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