So,, You Are A Constitutional Patriot, Eh? Pt III, It Ain’t Limitless.

So,, You Are A Constitutional Patriot, Eh? Pt III, It Ain’t Limitless.

Here we are, the end of this little series. In the first blog, I wanted to show that, thanks to current Public Schools, Drive-By Media, and facebook memes these days, there are a lot of of misconceptions on the Constitution. In the second installment, I wanted to highlight the fact that State Constitutions are highly ignored and that the 10th Amendment is often quoted, but not understood by some.

In this blog, it’s about limits. In every gun club, Patriot facebook group, military unit, etc there is this one guy who firmly believes that the 2d Amendment’s wording is gospel: “shall not be infringed.” Thus, any limit, whatsoever, is viewed as an infringement. And yes, if you take the Amendment at its most literal sense, that is what it says.

I would say that a citizens right to own a firearm is not infringed by making full auto machine guns out of reach because your right to own firearms is still fully intact, it’s just that you can’t own ANY firearm or all firearms. But I will also say that that is a slippery slope that none of us should ever want to go down. But there has to be limits. Allow me to explain.

We have free speech, but you can be hit with Libel or charged with Slander if you go too far. You have freedom of religion, but can’t forcibly convert anyone. We have freedom from unreasonable search and seizure…but there is implied consent at times. We have the freedom to protest, but we can’t riot. There are reasonable restrictions on all of these. I’m willing to bet that the guy who insists that he should be able to own any firearm at any age would object if someone were to start a false rumor about them. See, with most of these guys, it’s not about the Constitution. It’s about what they want. They want to do whatever they want when they want, regardless of the consequences. These guys are not patriots. They don’t love America, they just don’t want to be told what to do.

Most people do understand we have to have limits. We don’t need to ban machine guns, but allowing just anyone to own one is a dangerous proposition to all of us and our freedoms. Allowing a Class III FFL dealer to own them is reasonable. Violent criminals shouldn’t own firearms, because they have already displayed the willingness to hurt other people.

Now, there are other reasons why we shouldn’t own full auto machine guns. As a militia, set up by the Constitution, we should be allowed to train along the same lines as the military. Guess what? In the military, we largely do NOT fire on full auto, contrary to Hollywood impressions. Nope, we shoot aimed fire. Yes, we have machine guns that only shoot full-auto….sure. But they are not the average rifleman found in the Infantry. The full auto guys of the gun nut crowd, if they were to get their way….they would use so much $$$, so much dinero on ammo they wouldn’t have time to train. Them getting their way is actually detrimental to our cause. We have to accept our limitations in order to play to our strengths.

In a fight against tyranny situation, a few patriots firing a couple well aimed shots can slow or stop a whole military unit’s movement. In which case, they would return fire with a withering volume of fire. The result of that firefight, while the military would win tactically, they would lose the support of the population in very short order for the amount of damage they do in collateral damage. No media spin would help them after a few times of that happening. Basically, aimed fire is where it’s at when it comes to a militia. We need the population on our side.

You might say I’m being contradictory in saying we shouldn’t ban guns but have limits. Sure. Banning isn’t the answer, it creates a lot of market demand. It actually backfires and gets more guns sold than not. No medical marijuana card holders could have their firearm ownership suspended, or alcoholics might give their guns up. Violent criminals, definitely. What I’d like to hear is what you, the reader, thinks on this subject. What limitations and why? Please submit in the comments below. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for reading and God bless you guys. Stay Safe.

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