See, I Told You So!

See, I Told You So!

NewBlogPost - See, I Told You So!

See, I told you so….you guys just didn’t want to listen, did you? The debacle that was the Kavanaugh Hearings spoke it loud and clear.

The Political Left has foregone the ability to compromise. There is no middle ground. They don’t care about justice and there is no low they won’t stoop to. These politicians refused to impeach President Clinton for raping women, lying to everyone, committing perjury even! Now they sit on an accusation for months to only bring it out at the last minute because no other legislative maneuver could slow the Confirmation Vote on Justice Kavanaugh.

The Democrats announced to the world that they would fight any nominee, no matter what. Justice Kavanaugh is on record as agreeing with the decision to allow Gay Marriage and yet they scream he will singlehandedly destroy all Gay Rights. Justice Kavanaugh cannot simple overturn a previous Supreme Court decision – I’m speaking of Roe Vs Wade. But the Left wants everyone to believe that Kavanaugh would step into the Courts and just wish it away.

It’s quite comical how they acted, if you think of it. However, it is deeply troubling for this patriot that a large and growing portion of the Left is willing…no, no, no….CONVINCED that the worst the politicians say is verbatum correct and that violence is the answer.

I can only hope that America sees the overreacting and hyperbole that the Left has come to accept as the norm and vote appropriately this coming November.

In the meantime, the Trump Train is keeping with his promise of nominating Supreme Court Justices that are conservative and will uphold our second amendment rights!

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