One Versus The Other Turns a Little Crazy

One Versus The Other Turns a Little Crazy

Hi, guys. It seems a reader had an issue with my last blog and wanted me to differentiate the difference between a Precision Rifle and a Sniper Rifle. Well….I thought that would serve as a good blog: “What is the difference between a Precision Rifle and a Sniper Rifle?” But, I didn’t stop there. I went to Facebook where anyone is an expert at giving expert advise and I asked the boys to say, in their own words what they thought was the difference between the two. It seemed like a great idea at the time.

What ensued wreaked complete havoc on my Asperger’s Syndrome. Most guys, who are real experts, got the question wrong. Very wrong. I know right? It served to show us all that even experts don’t give expert advice. Several said that they are the same, some said that the difference is a lot of money, others said the Sniper rifle was professional and the precision was a hobby. A few said that the sniper makes the rifle and/or caliber, or a Sniper is precise with any rifle. All of those guys were wrong. Sigh……..simple instructions….some people.

A precision rifle is a rifle made to be precise, accurate. It can be close range or long range. It can be bolt action or gas, high or low caliber. It can be a biathlon gun, or a magnum caliber. Usually, though, a precision rifle is a target rifle and usually long range. Generally, a highly accurate (read: precision) rifle shoots at 1 minute of angle (MOA), or a one inch shot grouping at 100 yards. That’s an accepted industry standard.

A Sniper rifle is a rifle that is meant to kill or destroy at long distance and capable of surviving field use and usually has to be concealable. It’s a killer. It’s not a biathlon .22 rifle. What’s more, a Sniper Rifle doesn’t necessarily have to be a precision rifle. What? Don’t believe me? The Army issues all of it’s Snipers several rifles, one of them is the M107 Barret .50 rifle, the most famous of the three they are issued. The Barret is famous for it’s power and long distance….but it is NOT ACCURATE. It usually gets 2 MOA, only half as accurate as the standard. It can reach out a long, long way and can kill a person or a vehicle definitely. But it isn’t accurate. But it is a Sniper Rifle. It’s designed to kill at long distance and capable of surviving field use and is concealable (you can make it look like a downed tree!).

For those that argue that a Sniper is what turns a rifle into a Sniper rifle, does a Minivan turn into a Formula One car if Michael Schumaker drove it? So the shooter doesn’t change what the reason the rifle was created or designed for. Can you race a Minivan? Yup. My mom had a turbocharged Dodge Caravan when I was a teenager and I raced it quite a few times. But, did anyone go around saying it was a sports car or a race car? No, because it was still a minivan.  Same with rifles. A Sniper that uses am M4 carbine doesn’t magically turn it into a M110 SASS (Semi-Auto Sniper System). It doesn’t work that way.

Only 4 gentlemen out of about 20 got the question right. And it’s not about price. A biathlon rifle is custom made to the shooters hand and body, it’s quite expensive. An M110 Rifle is fairly cheap compared to a biathlon rifle. No, the guys who got it right did so because they read the question correctly. Reworded, the question would be: What, in your opinion, is the difference between a rifle that is designed to be a precision rifle and that of one designed to be a Sniper Rifle. But people would still confuse how a Sniper can employ any given weapon with what the weapon was originally designed for.

The moral of the story is, be careful not just who gives you advise, but how they give advise. While I wasn’t asking for advise, a lot of good guys gave incorrect answers. Why did they give incorrect answers? I can guess, but that guess might be wrong. They gave advice without breaking the question down, a snap answer. And when we go to gun guys with questions, do they give us snap answers? Or do they think about it, first? Sometimes the guys can be full of great intentions and full of correct knowledge, but don’t always get the answer delivered in the right way. These guys know their stuff, but the snap answers outnumbered the thoughtful ones. And, unfortunately, that happens a lot more often on the internet than in person. Because we are missing the component of the human touch. 75% of communication is body language….so the message can come across wrong on the internet no matter how right it sounded by the sender.

Feel free to leave a comment, I love to hear what y’all think. Have a great day, folks.

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