Never Quit, Even If It Makes You Look Bad.

Never Quit, Even If It Makes You Look Bad.

NewBlogPost - Never Quit, Even If It Makes You Look Bad.

I was at the 2018 Governor’s Twenty Match this past weekend. During the second day of the Match before we started the shoot, I noticed a Soldier looking down and out. I knew the kid, so I asked what was wrong. He said he left his Score Cards back at the barracks. There was no time to go back to the barracks to get them before the start. I firmly “advised” him to go into the Range Office and ask if they have a spare. Surely, the Soldier was willing to throw in the towel rather than admit he made a mistake. My firm suggestion, and the fact that I was a First Sergeant, got him into the Range Office and he got a new score card.

Heck, even if he went all the way back to main post and got his score card, he would be able to compete in most of the days events, missing out on maybe one…or even squeak in as a late entry.

The point is that the worst thing he could have done was accept his fate. Yet, his pride didn’t want anyone to admit he was wrong. Well, screw your pride because the reality is that your pride will sink you, entirely. When people see you make a mistake and attempt to correct it, they see someone who isn’t perfect that is working on fixing themselves. But if you don’t, you’ll end up looking like a total turd, to put it lightly. Too many people quit way too easily. And in a stressful situation, you ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS fall back on your training. And, if you haven’t trained, you will either freeze or realize that your habits are your training. So if you are willing to quit on a major competition involving your employment (the Match was for National Guard Soldiers), you are actively training yourself to quit.

“Never quit” is not training. It’s not a job. It’s a mindset, a lifestyle.

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