Culture Wars pt2: The Echo Chamber Stalemate

Culture Wars pt2: The Echo Chamber Stalemate

We’ve all heard that conservative battlecry: Liberalism is a mental disorder.  And it makes so much sense, right? They constantly claim that the next law will solve crime. The believe that Socialism will work, when it constantly fails, right? And we all know that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting a different result. Here is where I must remind you guys that we are not Mental Health Specialists in anyway…unless you really are in real life.

But it’s wrong. Yet again, I must ask you to allow me to explain. It’s really simple. So simple it’ll take me several paragraphs.

The definition of insanity is being mentally ill. That can mean doing the same thing repeatedly expecting a different result, or doing different things expecting the same result, doing the same thing repeatedly just because you want to. Or it could mean not doing a dang thing….catatonic. And Liberalism is an ideal, not a mental state. I know some legit crazy people who are “conservative.” So why do people say liberalism is a mental disorder? So we can easily dismiss them and their ideas, thats why!
One big problem with that, though. Major, huge. It’s a show stopper. See, this culture war, it truly is a war of ideas. If you dismiss your enemy, that always leads to major problems on the battlefield. In the Korean War, Mac Arthur’s Intell Chiefs kept telling him that the Chinese were not going to get into the war…and that lead to the slaughter of several units, the death of hundreds or thousands of American Soldiers. It turned certain victory against the North Koreans into a Stalemate. In Vietnam, we dismissed the VC and NVA of being capable of mounting a major offensive…and they launched the infamous Tet Offensive. Now, the Tet Offensive, it was a major disaster for the enemy and a massive victory for the Americans because none of the objectives were achieved, despite total surprise. However, it was a major turning point because the American population started thinking the war was unwinnable.

The point is, never dismiss your enemy, nor his ideals. Think of it this way: 3 guys in a room, a liberal, a conservative, and an independent/undecided. Put yourself in the shoes of the undecided….and you’ll find out that the first person who dismisses another persons ideas will be the first person ignored. If they ignore the conservative, then they will start to listen to the liberal and you lost. Now it’s 2 to 1.

So what do we do if we can’t dismiss them, Uncle Kenneth?  Try listening. Treat them as a human, a person that thinks and feels. You respect them. Then they might, just maybe, respect you. If they don’t, then remember the 3 guys in a room….and the liberal will lose.

Also, learn their ideals. It’s best not the learn what they believe from Talk Radio Hosts. Take “Democratic Socialism” for instance.  As practiced in the Nordic countries, Democratic Socialism means that employers can scale their workforce: layoffs, firings, etc. Unions have very little power over them keeping thier jobs. In America, Unions have an extreme amount of power in who gets fired and who doesn’t. Swedish companies can pay what the market pays….American Democratic Socialists push for higher minimum wages. Turns out that American Democratic Socialists are not Democratic Socialists at all. However, Democratic Socialists in America are far more Marxist. They just use the tagline of Democratic Socialism to make their Marxism more pallatable

It turns out that the people who tend to stick to saying “liberalism is a mental disorder” are people who need an echo chamber. They can complain and other people validate their complaints. They don’t want problems solved, they want their indignation validated. They are snowflakes, just as incapable of dealing with another ideal that is different than their own….just like a college student. Yeah, I said it. Suck it up, buttercup.

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