Basic CPL/CCW Course

This course is the NRA’s Personal Protection In the Home (PPITH) course and satisfies the State’s requirement for CPL training. This is a BASIC course, designed to give you the tools you need to develop into a responsible, trained citizen. The course teaches the basics of marksmanship, safety, the basics of how to buy a defensive pistol, the legalities of using lethal force, how to defend your home, to prepare for dangerous encounters, and deal with the emotional and legal aftermath of using lethal force. Further instruction and training are highly recommended. It is a MINIMUM of 8 hours broken down into 3 hours of legal instruction, 2 hours of additional classroom instruction, and 3 hours of range time.
Basic pistol skills are recommended before taking this course, but not required. If you are new to firearms, I offer a heavy discount on my Basic Pistol Class if taken with the CPL class to encourage safety and skills.
If you don’t own a pistol, I have rentals available with ammunition.

Items needed for this class:

  • 50 rds of ammunition (no magnum, +P or hand loaded ammunition allowed)
  • Pistol (.22 caliber or bigger. No magnums or black powder pistols allowed)
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather. The range is outside, in the elements.
  • NO FIREARMS ARE ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOM, leave firearms in your vehicle until we get to the range.
10% Discount for Military, Law Enforcement, 1st Responder, Mental Health Counselor, Clergy, Teacher on all classes. Request your discount.

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