Advanced CPL/CCW Course

The Advanced CPL/CCW course teaches you everything you might have thought the Basic CPL/CCW course was supposed to but didn’t. It teaches the “meat and potatoes” of carrying concealed that is vitally important to do so safely and confidently. This class teaches how to access your firearm from concealment, draw and shoot from the standing, kneeling, sitting, squatting positions, how to move to cover and then shoot, how to scan for additional threats, and how to move and shoot.

This course is an all-day course. 8-14 hours of instruction.

If you don’t own a pistol, I have rentals available with ammunition. I do recommend that you bring the pistol and the holster that you use, or plan on using, for carrying concealed.

Items needed for this class:

  • 350 rds of ammunition (no magnum, +P or hand loaded ammunition allowed)
  • Pistol (.22 caliber or bigger. No magnums or black powder pistols allowed)
  • Outside the waistband holster (OWB)
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather. The range is outside, in the elements.
  • NO FIREARMS ARE ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOM, leave firearms in your vehicle until we get to the range.
All Beginner CPL graduates of Brimstone Firearm Instruction get a 50% discount on the Advanced CPL Class. Request your discount.

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