A New Danger To The Republic

A New Danger To The Republic

Many people are talking about us being in a “cold” Civil War, or that political turmoil is bubbling just below the surface, ready to explode. Antifa has been clashing with Patriots for awhile now, but it isn’t growing. Yet. However, it seems that even the Alex Jones fans out there, who mash the Panic Button at every turn do not see a danger to our Republic that is sneakier, and therefore more dangerous, than Antifa Punks and macho Patriots.

The danger is Sanctuary Cities and States. It started with States and Cities declaring themselves “sanctuary” locations for immigrants, and they were actively refusing to enforce Federal immigration laws. Now some cities are even helping illegal immigrants evade Federal Law Enforcement. This is dangerous, always has been. But it’s worse, now. Much worse. Why?

Because it’s not just immigration now. Several States have now legalized recreational marijuana, which violates Federal law. Some States that haven’t done so are having communities do it anyway. States that are pushing strict, insane new gun laws are having Counties declare themselves as Sanctuary Cities against those laws. And, many States are now passing Abortion bans that can be quite strict, despite previous Federal Supreme Court rulings on the matter.

Whether or not you agree on any given subject, there are States and Cities clearly disregarding what higher level of governments are trying to do. That’s not how a Federal Republic functions. And as passionate as you may feel about gun rights or saving babies, there are ways to go about fighting them and this might not be the way to do it. Because it’s starting to spiral out of control, that’s why. We are looking at Antifa and anti-gunners being the dangerous ones to the country, and with good cause. But are we ignoring what our own side is doing?

Remember, the reason why President Lincoln first fought the Civil War to preserve the Union is because without the Union slavery would continue in the South. He needed us to stay together in order to push through what needed to be done. But nowadays, everyone is like “I’m taking my ball and going home,” there is no “let’s stick together.” Your gun rights and abortion laws are more important than America. While you may have a point, it’s the end result that will cause us all to lose. You cannot win by destroying what brings us together. You will be ensuring that Abortion and Gun Control will either live on in another fractured slice of what used to be America, or our cause may die a slow death with the country. This war hasn’t even started and there are plenty of people who talk of battle lines drawn. Why? That’s insane.

Stop the hype and put down the hyperbole bazooka. Turn off Alex Jones. Talk to your neighbors, friends, family. Get off of social media. Stop blindly forwarding memes. Engage in conversation with people who don’t agree with you, be respectful even if they are not. In the long run, you will plant a few seeds of understanding and some will come around if you are patient. Stop telling people to “love America or leave it.”

Let’s stick together, folks. Try showing them how to love America, be an example of a happy American. Don’t be a judgmental high-horse riding know-it-all. Walk with these people, get to know them. That is how you win this war, not by talking tough. If the enemy doesn’t listen….well, that’s not the goal. The goal is to persuade the large mass of people in the middle that your side is the right side. And you can’t do that by pointing out the evils of the other side because you are not giving the middle guys a reason to like you or see your side of whatever it is you are fighting for.

Love America, love your neighbor.

I love you guys and as always: stay alert, stay alive.

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